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Local Movement Classes and Venues

No one modality is better than another – we are thinking about our sensory movement kitchen, try something new…

If you haven’t done much in the way of vigorous activity for a while, or you’re coping with injury or chronic pain, the good news is you don’t need much to significantly change your state and quality of movement. Start with something you can cope with pretty easily and build up slow to stand the best chance of enjoying and seeing progression.

If you have you have been active for a long time and your awareness of movement is pretty good, why not choose something you’ve not done much of before? This is all about encouraging adaption, find your shadowy areas and light them up…Which are you: ballet dancer or front row rugby player? Mix it up to keep improving!

I’ve concentrated on ideas that have some concentration on the basics of good movement: awareness, efficiency and form in movement, engaged instruction. This is not the full list, there's some amazing stuff available in the area. My aim is to make this a real Alladin's Cave of things to try! If you really rate another class that’s not here, let me know and I’ll put it on…  


Movementor Pilates - 140 Colombo St - Abbey Parsons here has a good working knowledge of the Anatomy Trains approach.

Restorative Exercise and Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator:

Hazel Boot - - a true movement specialist, spruce up your diet!

Uprising Climbing Gym and Yoga and Fitness Centre:

Qigong/Tai Chi :

​Diamond Harbour Community Centre - Thursday 11am - 1st session free

Peter Fischer 3294835 -

Strength and Conditioning/Gyms/Personal Trainers:

Jen Rice Fitness - Functional Training, Pilates and Franklin Balls 027 204 1224 - Studio - 39D Tanner St, Woolston


​Uprising Yoga - including 'Yoga for Climbers' -

Diamond Harbour Community Centre - 6-7am Tues & Thurs, 9am Fri

Jacinda Gilligan - 022 657 8827

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