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To me physiotherapy is about helping another person take their mind and body into an environment where they can take a good breath, heal and live well. Our own wellbeing in turn lets us interact better with our friends, family and community.

Humans are truly amazing in terms of their function and potential for change. From our first breath we constantly adapt to the influences of our internal and external environment. For our first 5 or 6 years the pace of our development and learning has the trajectory of a space rocket. Did you know around 98% of 5 year olds would pass the NASA test for creative thinking? By the time we’re 30 that drops to about 2%. We learn boundaries, we start to follow patterns, get responsibilities, think too much!! Time for some of us to take a breath, feel more, play more..?  

Wellbeing, holistic therapy and mind-body approaches are becoming more commonly accepted now as we try to cope best with the challenges of a complex and fast moving world. Here I try and make sense of some of those with the best evidence and most reliable therapeutic outcomes.

The largest part of the rehabilitation process involves self-management, promoting body awareness and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. Everyone has their own motivation and ability levels; effective practice and  movement therapy fits into the daily routine and guides how the body adapts. I like to give people a toolbox of things they can use themselves, even pass on to family and friends.

I use a variety of exercise approaches and manual techniques to relax and restore balance from poor adaptive posture, injury or dysfunction. Breathwork, neuromuscular activation and facilitation, myofascial release and acupuncture can be really useful in stimulating these changes and getting back to normal function. With the body in this balanced state it's easier to remind it how it works best and begin to move efficiently without pain. Then it’s time to keep it all moving: walks, pilates, yoga, qigong, gym, dance – I’ve got plenty ideas for you – choose where you want to go!



The Nervous


and Breath

Breathwork to reduce stress and overwhelm

Structure and Function through the Neuromyofascial Web



Our movement has been the driving force of our evolution. 




Touch – a powerful sensory message, informing our mind and body. 

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