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Initial Assessment

90 minutes 
$100 Zoom videocall session

$120 Face to Face session

*Clinic Sessions - If you're unwell or at any risk of carrying Covid-19, please stay home...

At 'orange' alert level, we can use hands-on treatment as long as we are scanning QR codes, using masks and giving close attention to hygeine at all times - please respect this and play your part in keeping us safe...

*Please note: The Diamond Harbour Clinic, as it is located on council property, requires verification of a vaccination pass on entry.  

Let's do this right – take the time to respect your full picture, talk through your full story: choose the right path for you.


  • Full Body Assessment – postural and functional adaption: how do you work?

  • Injuries/current issues: where are you now?

  • Priorities and goals: where would you like to be?

  • Treatment and self management strategies: ‘Let’s get started!’ 


But How? Read More

Initial Assessment

Follow Up Sessions

$80 Zoom videocall session

$100 Face to Face session

We can go where you want –

Usually they look something like this:


  • Track your progress: does this make sense? Are things different?

  • Build the basics – awareness of breath and deep core, pain management…

  • Hands-on therapy – affect the system, moving towards balance.

  • Movement and perception – Feel, Play, then Load…

Follow up sessions

ACC FUNDING AVAILABLE - if you already have a claim number, please bring your details in for your first session. If you can track your issue back to a specific incedent in the last year we can lodge an ACC claim during your first session.

Sometimes we've been working on our issues our whole lives! I always go back to basics and look at your whole picture, I find it's the most reliable way to make lasting changes for the better, not just short term fixes. 




I adhere to the Physiotherapy Board’s advice on videocall protocol to promote safe therapeutic interactions. There are certain limitations to these calls, lack of personal interaction for assessment, guidance and treatment. I much prefer a face-to face contact but if this is what works best for you, let's organise it. Please read the advice below to ensure this is the right service for your needs right now.

If these conditions are present, you should seek medical advice from your GP or Healthline – free on 0800 611 116:

Escalating pain or worsening symptoms not responding to self management (click here for immediate care tools) or medication, fever or weight loss, night pain preventing sleep, unable to lie flat.


Medical Emergencies: Phone 111 in the event of: chest pain or tightness, difficulty breathing, severe bleeding or bleeding that won’t stop, sudden weakness or difficulty talking, fainting or unconsciousness. Saddle area numbness, sudden loss of bladder or bowel function. 

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