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Workshops & Retreats




Group Sessions in your Community 

 Get on the right track - giving you some  self management tools for mind and body

Your Breath – A workshop:  10-11:30am Saturday 20th April.

The Well Studios @ The Tannery


Presented by Andy Scott – Physiotherapist and ‘Be Activated’ practitioner.

Cost: $29 for members, $39 non members.


What does your breath do for you? Get to know your breathing habits and how to help the mind and body work better together using some simple techniques.


Listening to the breath and building awareness.

Breath: influences on general health, energy levels, mental focus, flexibility and posture.

Functional breath assessment – an easy check-in.

Breathwork – using templates and contrasting to explore what works for you.

Activate efficient patterns – Nasal  and Diaphragmatic breath.

Breath for energy, creativity and mental focus.

Breath for relaxation and deep core connections.


Link your breath into movement and grow a useful daily toolbox from your breath awareness and practice. Quick and easy habits to take away and use.   


Book through Jen:

















Group activation, breathwork and movement therapy  

If you'd like a guided session for a group, I'm always happy to organise these. We can use the group spaces at The Well Studios or Diamond Harbour, or I can come to you...

Schedule now:  

                           027 359 3504   


Keep Climbing!

I've previously run workshops at Uprising in Christchurch, if you're interested in this, let me know and we can set something up... 


'Keep Climbing' Group sessions for climbers - how do we relate this to the stresses and strains of climbing...? Warming up/down, common issues, training, rehabilitating injuries. The influence of headspace and breath...

If you'd like these to happen let me know - I'd happily run them! 

Do it better! Breathwork, Headspace,

Neuromuscular Activation and Movement.

Staying Safe


​If you're unwell or at risk from Covid-19, please stay home.


Please make me aware of any medical conditions I would need to know about prior to attending the session. You will fill out a consent form and brief medical history on your first time with me so I have your details on file, this information will be stored securely, as are all my records and you are welcome to have access to them yourself.

I generally look at the ability to get down onto the floor and back up again without any major pain or difficulty as a good measure of required function here. If this is a problem at the moment, it may be better to make a start by seeing me one to one so I can make sure we keep things safe. If a chair would make things easier get in touch and let me know... Comfortable clothes for easy movement are best, I'll generally encourage bare feet unless that's a problem...

Yoga on Deck


Here we really get the time to go deeper – Friday evening to Sunday afternoon – immerse yourself in the information, activation sessions and movement. Relax and learn in a beautiful environment, with delicious healthy food and inexpensive accommodation provided. Get back home with your own wellbeing toolbox and hopefully a smile on your face…

We're hoping to offer these before too long - Watch This Space..!


Living Springs

Living Springs’ Bellbird retreat sits high above Lyttelton Harbour, a secluded venue away from the main centre with self contained lecture and movement space with a big view out to the Heads. Inexpensive bunk or twin/double studio rooms. Great freshly prepared food from local vegan cookery enthusiast Kate Finnerty.


Group and weather permitting there are amazing local walks, invigorating dips and more to complement your weekend…

Get some knowledge, move your mind and body, reconnect with nature…


Breathe – Feel – Play – Load - Eat – Sleep – Repeat! 

Fri evening to Sun afternoon, including food and accommodation

$400 each for bunks, $450 each for Studio (2 Person) rooms  

***BYO BEDDING*** (can be supplied by Living Springs at an extra charge) 

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