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Hi – I’m Andy – I get inspired by mountains, sea cliffs, wild places; finding ways to play and explore around them. I’ve devoted a lot of my time to this over the years, it’s become my happy place – where I’ve learned how to move better, how to relax; how I’ve met some of my closest friends, my wife too! Even my early work involved swinging around on ropes, construction sites, power stations, oil rigs…Sometimes I’d get injured, then I couldn’t go and play. I needed to find out how to take care of myself better; found yoga, qigong, massage, physiotherapy…

I re-trained and became a physiotherapist back in 2008, building my skills and learning how to best communicate wellbeing to other people, from all walks of life. It’s a great thing to watch someone build their awareness and confidence, managing difficult times, engaging with making a change for the better, smiling more…


Sometimes life throws you a curveball: generally just around when you start thinking, ‘Yes, I’ve got this..!’ Complacency - get ready to learn!!   

Mine came during a period of juggling too many projects, a tick bite on my leg: so what? ( Read ‘The Human Trampoline’ for ‘so what!’ ) We all have narratives we like to construct for these sort of things. It’s how we order, decide relevance; others are probably available, it’s really all about what happens next… Time for me to practice what I was preaching...

Andy Scott


Registered with Physiotherapy
New Zealand


I see physiotherapy as a way to guide someone onto a better path. As you’ll often find with good guides, they’ve previously spent some time getting lost a little themselves! I enjoy helping people manage their own issues, live their lives as fully as they can. Once this is happening, we often see our connection with others improve; it’s how we work best. More and more these days I think it’s important to foster vibrant communities. This is why I like the idea of taking some of this knowledge out of the clinic and into workshops and retreats.

Sorry, no ACC funding available. I want to do more for you than this system lets me. I need to go back to the basics, spend the time to go in depth and do the best job I can. This will achieve the best results for you.

Have a look through my Ethos pages and Blog for more information.

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Andy Scott


Tel: 027 359 3504


The Well Studios,

Shop 51a - The Tannery,

33 Tanner Street, Woolston,

8023, Christchurch

Diamond Harbour Community Centre

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