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My Story

Hi – I’m Andy – I get inspired by mountains, sea cliffs, wild places; finding ways to play and explore around them. I’ve devoted a lot of my time to this over the years, it’s become my happy place – where I’ve learned how to move better, how to relax; how I’ve met some of my closest friends, my wife too! Even my early work involved swinging around on ropes, construction sites, power stations, oil rigs…Sometimes I’d get injured, then I couldn’t go and play. I needed to find out how to take care of myself better; found yoga, qigong, massage, physiotherapy…

I re-trained and became a physiotherapist back in 2008, building my skills and learning how to best communicate wellbeing to other people, from all walks of life. It’s a great thing to watch someone build their awareness and confidence, managing difficult times, engaging with making a change for the better, smiling more…


Sometimes life throws you a curveball: generally just around when you start thinking, ‘Yes, I’ve got this..!’ Complacency - get ready to learn!!   

Mine came during a period of juggling too many projects, a tick bite on my leg: so what? ( Read ‘The Human Trampoline’ for ‘so what!’ ) We all have narratives we like to construct for these sort of things. It’s how we order, decide relevance; others are probably available, it’s really all about what happens next… Time for me to practice what I was preaching...

Andy Scott


Registered with Physiotherapy
New Zealand


I see physiotherapy as a way to guide someone onto a better path. As you’ll often find with good guides, they’ve previously spent some time getting lost a little themselves! As a climber, I've instinctively felt that the body moves and functions not in parts, but as an interconnected whole. I've also felt what it's like when that body will not do what I want it to do, started to find out why, and how to make it better.

I've learnt to look at each individual in front of me, to try and take into account their picture. In respecting their stories, beliefs, fears, inspiration, I get a better understanding of what a meaningful treatment is going to look like for them. Long term solutions don't always come straight from a text book...

I enjoy helping people manage their own issues, live their lives as fully as they can. Once this is happening, we often see our connection with others improve; it’s how we work best. More and more these days I think it’s important to foster vibrant communities. This is why I like taking some of this knowledge out of the clinic and into workshops and retreats.

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