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Payments to: ‘Pathway Physiotherapy’ ANZ Bank 01-0811-0836469-00

Otherwise cash at the clinic.


If you have to cancel appointment, please try and give minimum 24 hours notice or I may charge.

Private Clinic Sessions 

Initial Assessment $120 - 90 minutes

Follow Up Session $100 - 60 minutes

$10 Concession for Clinic Sessions for over 65’s, students and unemployed.

Gift Vouchers are available for sessions, workshops and retreats.

ACC Part-Funded Clinic Sessions

Initial Assessment $60 - 90 minutes

Follow Up Session $40 - 60 minutes

If you already have a claim number, please bring your details in for your first session.

If you can track your issue back to a specific injury in the last year we can lodge an online claim during your first session. This injury will be the principal focus of your sessions.

Workshops and Retreats

Group 'Breathe-Feel-Play' Induction $40 

Private 'Breathe-Feel-Play' Induction $75

'Breathe-Feel-Play' - Weekly Sessions  $18/ $23 Drop-In - through The Well Studio's online system:


Before your clinic appointment


*If you're unwell or there's an increased risk of you having Covid-19, please stay home...

 Masks still reduce the chance of contracting or passing on Covid-19:

if you are at increased risk for how you would cope with the disease,

I'm always happy to use masks during the session to make us safer.

We will do a risk assessment at the start of your session to decide on this.

Physio assessment and treatments will require the observation of your posture and movement. Please dress appropriately to allow for this while protecting your dignity; ladies please wear a vest top or sports bra to allow me to assess neck, upper back and shoulder conditions. For issues concerning the lower back and legs, bringing a pair of shorts along would be appreciated.

If you would feel more comfortable with a friend, partner or relative present at the session, please feel free to bring them along. I understand that it might sometimes be easier to bring children along if childcare is a problem, I'm fine with this if you're happy they won't distract us from the session


Bringing a list of your prescribed medication can be helpful. I also advise keeping on top of pain or condition specific medication prior to an appointment as this should allow us to achieve more during the session. 




You will need to sign up to the free version of ‘Zoom.’


Initial Assessment: $100

Follow-up Sessions: $80

On receipt of your payment I’ll send you a meeting invitation, you just need to go to the link and insert the password.

Payments payable to: ‘Pathway Physiotherapy’ ANZ Bank 01-0811-0836469-00

Usually I would be able to get hands on to assess your issues more fully, then use manual techniques to influence your body. We get to meet face to face and I can observe and guide more efficiently. However, we can still do some good stuff... I'll get an understanding of your issues and build a plan for you to start working on. You will be shown some ways to influence your own system through breathing, self massage and movement.

It’s up to you to tell me what you can manage, what you are feeling. Your safety comes first, if you are painful or out of balance with a movement, if you feel dizzy or unwell, please stop what you’re doing and let me know.

If I lose video or audio, I will sign out and back into the session – please stop what you were doing and wait. If yours drops out, do the same – I will wait for you. If all else fails I’ll phone or e-mail…  



To get in touch
contact me on 027 359 3504

or by email


Christchurch Clinic:

Tuesdays & Thursdays

The Well Studios,

Shop 51a - The Tannery

33 Tanner St,

Woolston 8023 Christchurch

Map Below

Diamond Harbour Clinic:

Wednesdays & some Mondays

The Green Room, Diamond Harbour Community Centre

Diamond Harbour 8972 (Rugby Club entrance)


Map Below

Send me an email to book

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