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Further Reading

Breit (2018) ‘Vagus Nerve as Modulator of the Brain-Gut Axis in psychiatric and Inflammatory Disorders.’ Frontiers of Psychiatry - A good current overview of autonomic control, neural and hormonal. There is a growing body of evidence here looking at the bacterial population of the gut and its interaction with the brain.

Brule ( 2017 ) ‘Just Breathe’ - A brilliant book, demystifying and exploring the methods and knowledge of breathwork, from yogis to Navy Seals and beyond!

Park & Thayer (2014) ‘From the Heart to the Mind,’ Frontiers in Psychiatry - A model viewing increased cardiac vagal tone and Heart Rate Variability as an indicator of resilience with emotional stress and health.

Pessoa  (2013) ‘The Cognitive-Emotional Brain – A somewhat daunting read on emerging research on the brain – gone are our easy models of different brain areas for different functions. Now a complex web of interactions with organizing ‘hubs’ is thought more likely… Not surprising when we look at our myofascial system in musculoskeletal structure – everything connected, everything adapting…

Porges & Dana (2018) ‘Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory’ –  A great overview from several different clinicians perspectives on how Polyvagal theory is now being used in clinical psychology, trauma therapy and chronic pain management. Try looking on Youtube for ‘Porges, Polyvagal, Science of Compassion,’ for a perfect introduction from the man himself.

NB – As Einstein once said, science “…should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Porges concept of separate ventral and dorsal pathways involved in regulation, and that only mammals  have the more developed ventral system, have now been disproved. The philosophy of connection over withdrawal, relaxation over stress response has been embraced by the worlds of psychology and wellbeing. Science focuses on disproving a theory, while humans perhaps thrive on framing meaning and relevance. In practical terms its message is profound for mental health and social interaction…

Zaccaro ( 2018 ) ‘Breath Control – A Systematic Review’ – Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Some of the current research around breathwork and wellbeing.

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