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Our lives are shaped by our responses to the challenges and opportunities in our environment, both internal and external.

Make a Change...Choose your path

Meet Andy

To me physiotherapy is about placing the human body in the best possible environment to heal and strengthen itself – it will constantly adapt to the influences we give it, we just need these influences to be good ones!

Sorry no ACC funding available. I want to do more for you than this system lets me. I need to go back to the basics, spend the time to go in depth and do the best job I can. This will achieve the best results for you.

My Focus

My background is physiotherapy; by definition I want to provide a safe environment for you, assess where you are, guide and facilitate change, and measure what we achieve. It’s a system you can trust…I’m committed to helping you follow your goals. From sports injury to chronic pain management – find your pathway.


I’d like to take this message into the New Zealand community with workshops and retreats for Diamond Harbour, Lyttelton and Christchurch, and for those that travel to this beautiful place. Let’s get some more wellbeing in our lives! 

“Clarity doesn’t just happen at the top of the mountain, It grows from when you take your first step…”

Contact Me

Andy Scott


Tel: 027 359 3504


Jen Rice Fitness – 33 Tanner Street, Woolston, 8023, Christchurch

Diamond Harbour Community Centre

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